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Overview of Albania

Albania is a small country in south-east Europe. It has a coastline but also the Albanian mountains further inland. The name of the nation in its mother tongue is Shqipëri . The official language is Albanian. Its population is 2.84 million and the capital city is Tirana. Tirana does not have the post-communistic feel but is a vibrant capital with lots of colour and many parks. Albania left the communist rule in 1991. There are however still so many bunkers all over Albania that they have become a tourist attraction. Currently there are more Albanians living outside of Albania than inside.

When doing business in Albania, money comes first. No big importance if put on building long-lasting relationships. Treat Albanians, especially elders, with respects.

Currency of Albania

  • Albanian Lek

Health Insurance and the Social Security system of Albania

Albanian healthcare was established in 1994 and the constitution of Albania established the right to healthcare for every Albanian citizen.

Albania has a universal healthcare system based on both mandatory and voluntary contributions. It covers primary care and some of the prescription drugs as well as some of the hospital care. Co-payments were introduced in 2008.

Employer cost of Albania

The cost for an employer to hire someone in Albania is a plus of 15.00% to the gross salary.

Salary and bonuses of Albania

Regular employees are paid monthly.

Commissions, incentives, and bonuses are variable and will be agreed upon directly with the employer.

Public Holidays in Albania

  • January 1st and 2nd – New Year’s Day
  • March 14th – Summer Day
  • March 22nd – Nowruz
  • moveable – Easter (Catholic Easter Sunday and Easter Monday)
  • moveable – Orthodox Easter
  • May 1st – May Day
  • July 5th – Eid al-Fitr
  • September 5th – Mother Teresa Day
  • September 12th – Eid al-Adha
  • November 28th – Independence Day
  • November 29th – Liberation Day
  • December 8th – Youth Day
  • December 25th – Christmas

Working Hours in Albania

Office hours are from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

A regular work week is 40 hours.

Any overtime worked is compensated with either time-off or 125% of the regular wage.

Vacation in Albania

Albanians are entitled to a minimum of 20 days (4 weeks) of annual leave.

Sick Leave in Albania

In Albania, one has to have a medical certificate to show how long one will be sick for. An employee can then claim sick leave for the entire time of the illness. For the first 14 days, the employer pays 80% of the employee’s salary. From the 15th day onwards, the Social Insurances pay the employee 70% of their average salary.

Termination/Severance in Albania

When terminating an employee in Albania, written notice must be given to the employee. Within 72 hours of delivering the notice, a meeting must be set up to discuss the reason for the dismissal. Should the employer fail to call the meeting within 72 hours, the employee is entitled to compensation.

  • The notice period for dismissal is as follows:
  • 0-2 years of employment: 1 months notice
  • 2 – 5 years of employment: 2 months notice
  • more than 5 years of employment: 3 months notice
  • If an employee has been with the company for more than 3 years, he is entitled to 15 days severance pay.