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Company Character

We at HRsolution specialize in problem solving

Over our many years of experience in the HR field, we have gathered vast experience as a company as to what problems people run into when trying to expand their business globally and hiring the right people. Our employees come from many different backgrounds and nationalities which allows us to see the broad picture and think outside the box.

No two problems are the same and yet our skill is solving the particular problem you have and are trying to solve. Over time we have solved many problems that had originally been presented to us as unsolvable. And so our speciality evolved – solving the problems nobody else could solve. Of course we also enjoy the regular projects that run like clockwork – and this is the majority. However, should you be expecting or fearing an unexpected circumstance to arise, you are in the right hands at HRsolution – we will find a solution for you – this is, after all, what we specialize in!

The Founders

Markus Fecker

Markus Andreas Fecker born 1977 in Germany and growing up internationally in Germany and Italy. He joined HRsolution in the year 2003 as local director of the German operations. In the following years he developed the business across 24 countries with roughly 10 director mandates on group level. Before Markus started his HR career with executive search in the year 2000, he worked in corporate intelligence with one of the market leaders. Markus is fluent in German, English and Italian.

H. Gerhard Benneck

H. Gerhard Benneck founder and manager of the company is an American national. He grew up in Germany, France and the United States, thereby speaking all three languages (albeit French is a bit rusty). Gerhard attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying mechanical engineering before moving on to George Washington University and gaining a degree in Business Administration. Moving back to Europe, he started his career in the banking industry and then moved on to software sales. In 1988 he moved into consulting, starting his own company in the field of Executive Search.

Why work with us

HRsolution is based in Germany and Switzerland but is at home in the world.

Our team is multilingual and has an international background, allowing it to better understand the problem you are trying to solve. HRsolution has a straightforward approach to business but still pays attention to the important details.

We are reliable, efficient and embody the other German virtues of punctuality and honesty. As a middle-sized company, the lines are short and we are able to deal with last-minute requests. This also means that we are flexible, respond quickly to incoming requests and you, as our client, have our immediate support.

With our strong network of local partners, we will always have someone in your time zone speaking your language able to service you.

International HR und Payrollservice


Hrsolutions Timeline

  • 2003 Founding of HRsolution consulting GmbH
  • 2006 Founding of HRsolution service GmbH
  • 2012 Founding of HRsolution International AG, HRsolution UK, HRsolution USA
  • 2014 Founding of HRsolution Rumänien
  • 2017 Founding of HRsolution Spanien
  • 2018 HRsolution IT services S. DE R.L. DE C.V (Mexiko)

Contacts & Management GmbH Timeline

  • 1988 Founding Contacts & Management GmbH – a recruiting company
  • 1992 – Contacts & Management branches out into Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 1997 – an owner wants to sell his business but the company is not in the best shape. A concept and plan is devised and put in place and later the company is running so well, the owner keeps the company. The consulting and coaching side of the business is born
  • 2013 – Contacts & Management becomes part of the Cornerstone Group as the German Office, remaining independent but part of a larger group. Contacts & Management now offers executive search worldwide.
  • 2016 – the focus of helping international companies hire the people they need in Germany leads to many enquiries about payroll. The cooperation with HRsolution begins.
  • 2019 – HRsolution is acquired and the current group of companies is born.

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