Local payroll accounting

We also offer German payroll services for GmbHs, e.V., or other forms registered companies.

Our services include the following:

  • Entering company data and employee data
  • Recording and changing fixed salaries and hourly variable components such as bonuses or premiums
  • Company car (as part of the payroll)
  • Employer loans (payroll accounting)
  • Direct insurance (for capital formation)
  • Supplementary health insurance (including tax and social security checks and processing)
  • Enrollment of employees, registration and recording of all employee data
  • Employee resignation, deregistration
  • Reimbursement applications for continued salary payments in the case of sickness and maternity leave
  • Calculation of non-cash benefits (various)
  • Timesheets for flexitime (if required), on-call duty
  • Business trips, home office and holiday-related or other absences of employees at two locations in Germany
  • Guaranteed up-to-dateness with regard to legislation
  • HR consulting for employees and employers in the event of HR problems


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