HRsolution is a licensed Professional Employer Organization in our HQ country of Germany and offers these services

The client company continues to direct the employee’s day-to-day activities while the PEO is used as the employer of record for tax purposes.

This is a solution that is most often used by companies who want to expand their business into new markets but do not want to have to immediately deal with the headache of setting up a new entity and dealing with all the legal requirements of a new employee in a foreign country.

We not only cover Germany as a PEO. We have branch offices in Spain, Mexico and England to be able to offer you the same services here. The countries in which HRsolution does not have an entity in, we work together with a local partner who has the required know-how in their respective countries. This way we are able to offer these services in many countries around the globe.

This solution is ideal if your company is considering entering new markets and expanding. It makes hiring new members of your team easy. No legal entity is necessary to explore the new market and see if it works for your company and product. Using the PEO solution allows for a fast market entry and also an easy retreat, should the market not be as promising as expected. This means a hassle-free, fast entry and exit for employees. The PEO solution is much more cost-saving than immediately creating a legal entity in your chosen country. Or it can be used as a bridging solution – your legal entity is not yet fully set-up, but you already want to employ a new candidate to start working for you. Using a PEO reduces your risk of entering and exiting a new country – we handle all the bureaucracy and HR related difficulties and transform your foreign payroll into a monthly invoice.

Through our extensive partner network, we also offer this solution in many other countries. Our partners are local experts in their respective countries and have all the local knowledge, connections and language skills necessary to ensure a smooth and compliant on-boarding.

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